Where are those deConz Settings?

So I’m totally new to Home Assistant, and have a real noob question. I’m not sure whether the problem is that I can’t figure out how to naviate in HA, or if there are some pre-reqs for the ConBee2 that I’m missing.
I have installed hassio on a RPI and I’m trying to setup my ConBee 2, which also is connected to the same RPI.

I have tried following the guide on: deCONZ - Home Assistant but I still don’t have success with it.

As I understand the guide, the conbee2 can be auto discovered, and if it isn’t I’ll have to install manually. If I goto configuration > devices, I can’t find anything about deconz or ConBee2, so I suppose I am to add it manually. When I click add integration and choose deconz, I’m asking about the IP and port number. Since the ConBee is connected to the RPI itself, I guess this must be the IP address of the RPI itself, the next dialogbox tells me to goto deCONZ settings > Gateway > Advanced and press authenticate.


This is when I’m totally lost. Should I be able to find these settings inside Home Assistant - and if so, where can I find it - or am I supposed to install some other software somewhere else to get these settings ?

Those instructions say to go to your deCONZ gateway. I expect the menus are on that device.

The numbered steps are telling you how to unlock the gateway/

Are you running Home Assistant OS or Supervised? If yes, install the deconz add-on. Otherwise install the deconz container.

Thank you very much for your fast reply.
I agree, that it could seem that the menus to be on the device, however as the ConBee2 is a USB device, which is connected directly into the RPI, it’s not obvious how to access those menus.
If you are correct, then I assume it means that some program has to be installed in on the RPI, and if that was the case, I could assume that the guide would mention it - or at least mention what software that would be.

It’s mentioned at the beginning of the documentation → deCONZ - Home Assistant

You need to install the deconz software.

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