Where can i find HA for Rasberry PI 1?

i want to run Homeassistand on a rasberry pi 1 to see how it works before i bay new stuf.
but i cant find the right immige.

hoe can help me?

greetings MME

You can’t - Home Assistant OS dropped support for that potato a long time ago.

You could install Raspberry Pi OS on it and use the Container install. It probably won’t crash due to a lack of RAM.

I can just about run a very bare minimum HA in docker on a RPi Zero W which looks to be only slightly more powerful. I disabled default_config and only added the specific integrations I needed to get it do it’s thing. It takes a long time to start up though, but once it is up it is snappy enough. And I haven’t updated it since 2022.3.5.
But then you might as well try it out in docker on any other host that can run docker.