Where can i find the addons store?

Few questions here…
1: I just installed the docker HA container on a raspberry pi. it running version : Home Assistant 0.116.2 is this version up to date or do I need to update somehow?
2: I can’t seem to find the addons store, I have clicked on every clickable element but haven’t found it, please look at my screenshot below and explain how to get to the addons store.

You’re running ha core in docker, this option doesn’t have a supervisor and ergo no addon store.

If you require the addon store, you need to reinstall homeassistant as either a ‘supervised’ or full installation.

I’m sure someone will be kind enough to provide links to the explanations and installation instructions if you need them.

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Aha, thanks! I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t find it, but there is a rational explanation. I think I will try a different installation method then.

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