Where can I find the lastest information on zwave migration from OpenZwave?

I really fell behind in my upgrades of HA. I am currently on 2021.3.4.

I see in the release notes for 2022.3 that it is the last version to contain OpenZwave. So I am going to have to migrate to Zwave.js.

The 2022.3 release notes have a link to what it claims to be instructions on how to migrate but it just takes me to the new zwave integration page which doesn’t contain instructions on how to migrate.

Searching this forum I find several old posts about migrating using a migration tool but I can’t seem to find that tool. Also the posts are so old I don’t know if the issues people are describing still exist or if they were corrected.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to do this migration?

I run HA on a ubuntu machine using docker if that helps.

I have a Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5, I don’t think it’s a Gen5+.

I think I am going to have a world of pain upgrading, please tell me I am wrong :slight_smile:

You’ll find migrations guides here:

Old official migration guide docs are archived here:


The automatic migration tool had really mixed results. Don’t have high expectations of success.

Since you are on docker you have some options. I setup a parallel set of containers ha-test and the new zwave container. Then you can shutdown your old HA (which has zwave within it), work on the new system and then shutdown and swap back. You can only have one active container using the stick at a time.

This way you can tackle it on your own time, vs suffering through a forced marathon with HA down.

@PeteRage This is exactly what I was thinking of but I wasn’t sure if that would mess things up switching back and forth.

For ha-test would you recomment starting with a minimal config and the new zwave, then once I get the zwave working add my other integrations, or should I just start the new version with my full configuration and fix the things that are not working? I think the minimal config might be better since the latest version of HA may not even start if enough breaking changes are involved but the advantage of using my full config is the fact that I have my config in git so I can just make a new branch and switch between branches as I switch between containers.

I use mysql for the history recorder, should I make a new schema for ha-test or would it be OK for the two instances to share the same schema. A new schema seems more safe but I never really understood what the database is used for really. Actually maybe I can just start ha-test without using an external database and just let it use the default which I think is in-memory if I recall correctly. Then I can configure the mysql using a new instance once I am happy that ha-test can become my main server.

I wrote up how I did it here last year. Take a look.


Sweet, that thread looks great. Thanks so much for sharing!

It missing the last set of steps, when you get to that point, let me know if you need them.

Thanks for the help.

I am almost done. Did you have to integrate Nuba Casa and Alexa?

Can Nuba Casa point at either version if configured in both?
Do I need to drop Alexa devices and reinstall?

I don’t know as I don’t use those capabilities

OK thanks for the reply. I will figure it out.

Conversion wasn’t as bad as I expected. My battery zwave devices were easy to wake without having to set their wake time. I do have an issue with GE zwave dimmers that report when turned on but not when turned off manually from the paddle. My old config used polling to fix that but the new zwave doesn’t allow that. These are my GE or “enlighten” dimmers. The switches work fine only the dimmers have this issue. I saw a few possible solutions posted so I will give them a try.

You still have to poll really old jasco devices. If they are enbrighten, they shouldn’t need polling. I’m still running a bunch of old ones that don’t require polling. So if you have these models, just update the firmware.

The dimmers that are not working are all the same model 12724 on FW: v3.37

Do you know if they are upgradable ?
If so where do I find the new firmware ?
I am not finding it here firmware/zwave at main · jascoproducts/firmware · GitHub

The only one that works is the last one which has much newer firmware and is a newer model.
14294 FW:5.29

Those are the old ones that need to be polled. They cannot be updated. They were produced when Lutron owned the patent for live zwave updates that expired around 2017ish. Unfortunately you have to replace them or poll the device.

That rings a bell. That’s why my old zwave config had the polling option enabled. So crazy that they were allowed to patent something like that.

I found some threads on how to add an automation to poll them but honestly I am not even sure I care if they update in the UI. I don’t really use the ui for them. Mostly alexa voice commands and automations so it probably doesn’t matter.

Thanks for confirming they can’t be updated.