Where can i learn something about css, variables ecc?

I’m banging my head everywhere to understand how the CSS code works but I can’t figure out where I can study something related to HA so I’m forced to ask you.
I’m using almost the entire system quite well but I really don’t understand how the variables work, all the “if, else”…I think I have to stop at creating a simple button with some colors and that’s it.
I would like to change the box shadow based on the value of a temperature sensor but I would like to learn how to do it without copying and pasting from a code provided by someone else. I would like to understand how to write some code myself.
for example I installed card-mod but how do I understand how to use it?

  1. Use examples from huge card-mod thread → 1st post → link at the bottom.
  2. Here is a good site for CSS.
  3. For conditional styles you will need templates in jinja. Here is a HA page dedicated to it.. Also, Dev tools → Templates have useful default examples for “if … else …” & “for …”.
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Thanks for the reply.
I think I’ll have to give up, I think this is too difficult for me.

I started in a very similar way. there’s some really talented people on this forum that will glady help you along the way.

don’t get me wrong alot of it goes over my head but I started with copying pasting. then slowly understanding and modifying what I had copy pasted.

there’s so many good resources/examples and guides. the one from @Ildar_Gabdullin is amazing and thorough.

I have a dashboard just for testing, that I play around with. Just to learn and practice with.

Do it step by step.