Where can I post to find someone I can pay to help me configure integrations?

I am looking for someone I can pay to help me with integrations. Maybe 1-2 hours of work, done on the phone and remote login. I chose the “social” tag because I wasn’t sure which tag was best suited. Thanks!

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you should probably include which part of the world/country you are in.

And also detail a little more support/assistance you need :wink:

In the USA, particularly need help with integrations for Eufy, Alexa, Smart Life, SwitchBot, Smart Oil, Rain Bird

I have no experience with any of those except Alexa.

With that one are you wanting to use the built-in cloud integration or the custom integration (alexa media player)?

what questions do you have?

That’s more than 1 to 2 hours of work fyi.

OK, thanks for letting me know. If you or anyone you know would be able to help, please message me, I’d be grateful.

I want to be able to speak to Alexa and get her to initiate automations in HA, and to control devices via HA

the easiest way to do that would be to pay $6.50 per month to Nabu Casa and then just click on “Settings” in the bottom left then click on “Home Assistant Cloud” at the very top and put in your credentials from the Nabu Casa account you just created.

Once you connect to Nabu Casa scroll down the page a bit and click the button to enable Alexa.

When that is done go here to finish setting it up. It’s a fairly easy procedure.

After that your devices should get discovered in the Alexa app and you can then use your voice to control the discovered devices.

To trigger automations/scripts you will probably need to set up routines in your Alexa app to trigger those when you say specific phrases. I do that to control my garage door script.

Just to be clear tho.

HA can’t control devices that are included only via Alexa. The HA Alexa integration can only be used to control devices included to Alexa thru HA.

So if you have a device that isn’t in HA but is in the Alexa app HA won’t be able to control it.

But if you have a device in the Alexa app that was brought in via the HA integration then Alexa can control it using voice.

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