Where did ios.conf go in haas.io docker install?

Hi all,

Just migrated to haas.io way of installing things…

Noticed that ios.conf is no longer in the “config” directory. I am new to docker install, so can somebody tell me if this file no longer used or it is now sitting some place else?

Second and related question: My iOS device tracker reports my phone’s battery level and state (charging or unplugged)
but the frequency of the updates is way behind… ie : my charge level may be 80% but sensor still shows 40%, and I maybe already plugged in but it shows unplugged.
Is there a way to control how often those settings are being pulled? I have some ideas on how to use the state of the phone being plugged in… but it has to be reasonably near-real time.

Thank you al!

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Have the same issue iwth ios.conf file missing on the Docker install.