Where did my files go?

before in the esphome folder, there was another folder,
in this folder exteranl components were listed and I was able to modify them,
and some more.
but now, this subfolder is gone.

does anyone know where it went?

If you are referring to the .esphome directory, see here ESPHome 2023.9.0 - 27th September 2023 — ESPHome

indeed that folder,
but after reading the change I still can’t find it.

Enter the esphome app and look there

I found an app
https://www . esphome . app/
but I really doubt this is an official one, and I can’t find anything in here,
all the signs are there nog to install this one and sign up for it.

and I checked the addon, but I can’t find anything related to the missing .esphome folder.
Do I somehow need to access the docker, I don’t know anything about how docker works.

Sorry I meant container, not app.

docker exec -it addon_15ef4d2f_esphome bash

What exactly are you looking for?

apearently I don’t have docker?

-bash: docker: command not found

or maybe I need to do this on post 22222.

but that’s to much of a detour I guess,

What I’m trying to do.
for some of my devices I use an external component like

    - source: github://cossid/tasmotadevicegroupsforesphome@main
      components: [ device_groups ]
      refresh: 10 min

and at some commit there was an error. So I wanted to revert the lines of code which caused this error so I could have my device working again without waiting for the fix(issue is fixed now btw)

also sometimes when something is not working as I want I change some code in the external component to check if that helps. So I can present a solution to the developer of the component. (9 out of 10 times my attempts fail, but still I want the possibility)

I also have this problem. I have a custom boards directory for one of my devices, see Add support for Lilygo T5-4.7 inch ESP32-S3 (aka "plus"/V2.3) e-paper module · Issue #1960 · esphome/feature-requests · GitHub

I’ve looked everywhere I can think of for the /data folder, and the only one I can find contains nothing ESPHome related. It’s not clear from ESPHome 2023.9.0 - 27th September 2023 — ESPHome whether the /data folder is in the root or the addons folder.

Either way, I can’t find the /boards directory I used to have, and the ESPHome device no longer compiles, generating the following error

INFO ESPHome 2023.10.4
INFO Reading configuration /config/esphome/test.yaml...
WARNING GPIO45 is a Strapping PIN and should be avoided.
Attaching external pullup/down resistors to strapping pins can cause unexpected failures.
See https://esphome.io/guides/faq.html#why-am-i-getting-a-warning-about-strapping-pins
INFO Detected timezone 'Europe/London'
INFO Detected timezone 'Europe/London'
INFO Generating C++ source...
INFO Compiling app...
Processing test (board: lilygo-t5-47-plus; framework: arduino; platform: platformio/[email protected])
UnknownBoard: Unknown board ID 'lilygo-t5-47-plus'

I’m also a little confused as to why the /addons folder is empty as I’m running 9 addons at the moment.
For reference I’m running HAOS in a VM on Proxmox.

Can anyone point me to where the folder might be hiding?

I actually created a bug report for this. Link I can not find on my phone.
But they said they are not going to change this as it was never designed to be used this way.
Still a shame.


Thanks for the link @bkbartk , much appreciated. I’ve added my thoughts to the bug report. I’m not sure what issues this change has created for you, but for me I’ve now got 6 epaper touch panels around my house that wont compile anymore :sob:

I’ve just been looking at the Advanced Options here ESPHome Core Configuration — ESPHome

  • build_path (Optional, string): Customize where ESPHome will store the build files for your node. By default, ESPHome puts the PlatformIO project it uses to build the firmware in the .esphome/build/<NODE> directory, but you can customize this behavior using this option.

Thinking this would allow me to specify the folder. Unfortunately it looks like this option has been removed, as compiling generates this

Warning! Ignore unknown configuration option build_path in section [env:test]

Scratching my head as to where to look next…

The equivalent of the old .esphome folder can be found at /usr/share/hassio/addons/data/xxxxxxxx_esphome for anyone that is running Home assistant supervised. xxxxxxxx is the same as the 8 character hex digits found in the docker container name.