Where did the forecasts array go in the built in weather?

I’ve used this for the longest time, but now the weather extension doesn’t seem to provide the forecast data anymore. Is it just me or was it removed?

{{ state_attr(‘weather.hem’, ‘forecast’)[0].precipitation_probability }}

It was announced 6 months ago it would be removed, and now it is finally removed.
Search the forum, there are several topics about it.

Always read the release notes.

We added a new service for weather entities, weather.get_forecast , that responds with the weather forecast.

With this change, the forecast attribute of the weather entity is deprecated, and will be removed in Home Assistant Core 2024.3.

You actually got a month extra:


Funny thing is, I do read the release notes. Apparently not closely enough.

As always, I sigh in dismay over HA getting more and more complicated every release, but I’m probably just seeing things the wrong way.

Either way, thanks so much for the pointer. I added a template sensor, hoping that will work as expected.

“Evolving” :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s funny to laugh at. It’s less funny to hear new users turning and walking away because it’s just too unintuitive. That will hurt HA in the end. We can’t all be hardcore geeks.

It was incredibly taxing on the system and required a system performance decision. I guess as a developer, there are times you need to decide between performance for every other entity or the need for constant weather updates. I think they made the right decision…

Fair point, but the standard weather integrations handled the change behind the scenes, without the user needing to know.

It’s intermediate-level geeks that suffer, those that delve just a little bit and use things like your rain probability template.

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I’m not involved in the development so I cannot comment other than: you’re probably right.

I hate that is gone too, but in the end, I didn’t find it to be a deal breaker.

It’s not hard for me personally to fix the issue, I just find the workaround a lot less than ideal.