Where do the notifications go?

Sorry, if this is quite obvious, but I have an automation which sends a notice when my garage door is closed and attaches an image.

service: notify.mobile_app_brians_iphone_x
  message: >-
    Garage door left is {{ states('cover.garage_door_left') }}
    entity_id: camera.garage_cam

This notifies my phone. If I remember to press and hold the notification, it’ll show me a live feed of the garage. I’d prefer just to see the image at the time of the notification, but this is a minor point.

If I foolishly touch the notification, it opens the Home Assistant app to my default Lovelace UI. The notification and it’s image are lost forever, I can’t find any record of the notification anywhere. I can’t find the picture that was attached or when the event occured.

Maybe it’s better to setup my notifications to go to Pushover? It keeps the last 250 or so messages and their attachments.