Where does Influx store db files in Hassio?


Can’t find the Influx database file, anyone know where to look? Hassio latest version.


dir = "/data/influxdb/data"

Not sure if /data/influxdb is mounted to a host directory or not, but I would imagine it would be in the root of the share on hassio.


I don’t have anything in the data directory related to influx. I can’t find the other files referenced above either. In fact running find in ssh for “Influxdb” returns no results. Phantom program :slight_smile:


/data/influxdb/data is located INSIDE the docker container running influx. Look under ‘addons’ in that directory.


Now you have lost me, sorry newb here. But I am not running docker as far as I know? Standard Hassio install on Raspberry Pi, influx installed as add-on. If this is somehow now in a docker how do I log into it?


Hassio runs docker. Without docker, you wouldn’t have hassio.

Every add-on is a different docker container running alongside hassio.

What do you mean? You don’t “log into docker”. Core ssh add-on that you’re running is a docker container. You’re inside the ssh container when you connect to that.

Install the portainer add-on and you can see everything running.


Ok thanks for your help. I finally got Portainer installed and can see:

So assuming all data is stored in the influx container its not that big (280MB).

Still don’t really understand how I would actually access the files but n/m, its not influx that’s filling up my disk.


Look at the volumes