Where has Mosquitto Broker gone?

What has happened to the Mosquitto Broker?

It’s no longer in Add-ons…

EMQX is there but no Mosquitto?

The Integration is labeled MQTT if you’re searching for it. You can use this link to install it:

The Add-On is still there as an official add-on: search for Mosquitto.

Thanks for this info - sorry for the late response having some medical issues

Hi Mighty,

I have a Zigbee2MQTT dongle and can configure it to see Zigbee devices.

I’m finding it hard to relate Zigbee and MQTT protocols.

I understand both protocols but can’t find any explanation about how they are working with each other or together.

Would you know of any pointers that might help explain the concepts and connections of the two protocols?



I don’t use MQTT myself, so I have a limited understanding. You have a Zigbee radio that can send and receive Zigbee signals. Zigbee devices communicate directly with that radio. If you have devices that can send and receive MQTT messages, they communicate with the Zigbee2MQTT integration which sits between your Zigbee radio and Home Assistant. Zwave2MQTT does the same thing but uses a Z-Wave radio.