Where has the copy code button gone?

Hi there,

am I blind or is this an Apple problem?
There used to be a copy function copying forum members’ posted code. I can’t see this function anymore. In my forums account settings I don’t see a change.
Any hint much appreciated!

Most likely not. I’m on Ubuntu 20.04.3 with Firefox 95.0.1 and I can’t see it either.

Seems like this is a feature of discourse that is off by default. Maybe the setting was lost during an upgrade.

@Tinkerer I’m really sorry for tagging you, but I believe only admins can change (or even see) the settings. Could you please confirm if it is off? It was quite a useful feature, so unless there were some problems with it, would you please consider turning it back on? Thanks

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It was disabled as the plugin was not compatible with the new forum software.

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Are you sure it was done using a plugin? Seems like this functionality is now part of discourse itself.

Thank you Tom.

It is not meant in a bad way. It’s just irritating that the software for a forum that lives from code examples clashes with the copy function.

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is there any plans to re adding the copy code Button?