Where/how are you hosting your images for card headers?

I’ve been thinking that this is what the Media Browser is for but I must be wrong because the image URLs change and my images break.

hey benflux,

is your question about this: Headers & Footers for Lovelace cards - Home Assistant ??

if so, I store mine in the WWW folder in a specific subfolder for images, etc. :slight_smile: but I’m not sure you’re referring to that one :slight_smile:

yes, that’s what I meant. I can see these folders via Samba, where should I place the images?

homeassistant / config / www / images

I made that folder called www and then a sub-folder called images, dropped a file in there but when I reference it with this:


It can’t be found.

It is at http://homeassistant.local:8123/local/images/kitchen.jpg :smiley:

To summarize:
Use “Samba share” to put the image file under


If the www or images folder does not exist, create them.

In the card header use the following url:

  image: /local/images/kitchen.jpg

Hi guys,

I am not sure if I should create another thread or use this one, as I have exactly the same question as OP, but I use the Home Assistant Green and I cannot find a way to access the memory to add some image files, and I cannot find a way to access the device through Samba (I use a Mac, I am not sure if that is the reason), or create the www folder :frowning:

So my questions are:

  • How can I host my images directly on the HomeAssistant green device?
  • How can I access where they are hosted and manage them (CRUD)?

Thanks a lot

You have to install the Samba add-on in the add-on page in settings. It is not enabled by default.

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Ohhhh… I had no idea I could install extra modules and add-on. A new world is opening. Thanks a lot !