Where I can find explanation of Accuweather data?

For example what means 0d…4d in the end of sensor name?

          - sensor.obraztsovo_hours_of_sun_0d
          - sensor.obraztsovo_hours_of_sun_1d
          - sensor.obraztsovo_hours_of_sun_2d
          - sensor.obraztsovo_hours_of_sun_3d
          - sensor.obraztsovo_hours_of_sun_4d
          - sensor.obraztsovo_cloud_ceiling
          - sensor.obraztsovo_precipitation
          - sensor.obraztsovo_pressure_tendency

I could not find official documentation but this is my interpretation.Those are forecast sensors.

0d is the forecast for today
1d is the forecast for tomorrow
2d is the forecast for 2 days away from today
3d is thef orecast for 3 days away from today
4d is the forecast for 4 days away from today

Did you have any issues getting your API key to work? I signed up this morning, and my Accuweather app shows as “Approved”, but when I try to use on their website it gives me a 401: Unauthorized Access.

Probably, but then what means uv_index and realfeel_temperature without number of days if we have also 0d?

          - sensor.obraztsovo_uv_index
          - sensor.obraztsovo_uv_index_0d
          - sensor.obraztsovo_realfeel_temperature
          - sensor.obraztsovo_realfeel_temperature_max_0d
          - sensor.obraztsovo_realfeel_temperature_min_0d