Where is all of the trigger.XXXX documentation (for example trigger.to_state.context.id, etc)?

For example, someon told me on this forum that this would allow me to determine in an automation if a switch was turned off physically by hand rather than by another automation -

  - "{{ trigger.to_state.context.id != none }}"
  - "{{ trigger.to_state.context.parent_id == none }}"
  - "{{ trigger.to_state.context.user_id == none }}"

And it is great to learn about tidbits like this, but where is that in the HA documentation? And where is ALL of the LOW-LEVEL documentation for anything and everyting that can be discovered in any auitomation while it is running?


I dont think you can expect all full covering documentation. Remember this is a huge open source project that is constantly changing. And as with all open source projects it is more interesting to code than to write documentation. They really make an effort but for me it must be an impossible task to keep up the documentation.

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