Where is Overview yaml file?

Newbie question,

Wanted to create a duplicate of the Overview dashboard since it is well populated. AI tells me just create a new one and name it Overview 2. Nice, but it didn’t populate the dashboard with any cards. I go to the Overview dashboard hoping to copy all the yaml code and paste it in the new one, but clicking on ‘Raw Configuration Editor’ brings up a file with only:
type: original-states

I search in the lovelace .storage folder and see the other dashboards, but no Overview. Am I forced to manually create all the cards shown on the Overview dashboard into another dashboard?
Thanks for your help.


Cannot say for sure - but may be the new dashboard was wrongly added as “auto-generated”.

Dashboards created in UI (auto-generted or not) are in so called “storage-mode”, i.e. are managed in UI. There are no yaml files for them, they are stored as json. The “raw yaml editor” is in fact a “json → yaml” conversion.
Only “yaml mode” dashboards are stored in yaml files.

Thanks for the quick reply IIdar,

When I click on ‘Raw Configuration Editor’ on all of the dashboards, it still only shows: type: original-states.

So what it comes down to is: there is no copy/paste of a dashboard configuration…? I was under the impression that a dashboard had yaml code that could be configured.


i think the thing you’re hitting is that the overview dashboard by default is a special auto-generated one… at least until you customize it. so if you’re trying to create one that has the same auto-populating property by copying it’s config, i don’t believe that’s possible…

for other non-autogenerated dashboard, you can go to the raw config and copy/paste…

Yes, see same for a test auto-generated dashboard:

If you need to manage a dashboard - it should be this, not auto-generated:

Thanks to both of you. I just added a button/entity to the copied Dashboard and then clicked on ‘Raw Configuration Editor’ and I see the yaml code that was created.

Still though, no way to copy all the entities from the original Overview file…


Assume there are 2 normal (not auto-generated) dashboards.

  1. Open dash_1 in raw editor.
  2. Select needed views (or cards), cut.
  3. Open dash_2 in raw editor.
  4. Paste into an right place.

See no possible issues here.
Just in case - this is called a “raw editor”: