Where is Tapo Integration?!


I just bought 2x Tapo C200 Cameras. But there is no Tapo Integration for them? They are also not found automatically by HA notification…

Any guesses?

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But it is written in the Instructions:
“Add cameras via Integrations (search for Tapo) in Home Assistant UI.”
And there is nothing to find under normal integrations… this is why I asked… A little confusing ^^

Gonna try that!

You have to install the custom integration first.


You made it clear: I`m an idiot… thanks :smiley:

Hi I’m sorry

but what do u write in the host field, I’m pretty new to Home assistant


@youssry92 IP address of the camera, you can find it in your wifi router interfarce or in Tapo application (at least on Android phones) by tapping the cogwheel and then little preview on the very top

I have been using the standard onvif integration for tapo cameras, is the custom tapo integration more reliable?

With the onvif integration, I find camera motion sometimes stops working, usually if I reboot the camera or home assistant. Another restart of home assistant usually gets it working again for a while.

Hello guys,

I am trying to add my Tapo C210 camera to home assistant, installed HACS and TAPO camera control , but from here I don`t know to to proceed further. Can anybody help me ?

Tapo integration is better. You can also use service calls in HA to control settings that are available in the app with the Tapo Integration (Privacy mode by example. I enable privacy mode when my alarm is disarmed, and de-activate privacy mode when I arm Night or away) It’s like a digital shutter (some camera’s have physical shutters for privacy)

Problem with the TAPO app integration is that you need a cloud account. Cloud services are paying services. This is not what I want.
Is there another way to add my camera in HA without the need of a cloud account?

I’m not paying anything. I record on my nas.

Sorry for exhuming this old thread but how do I find more information about recording to the NAS? Thank you

Setup the camera in Surveillance Station if you have a Synology Nas. If not, selfhost Shinobi in docker or something and add the camera there.

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I have an old Qnap NAS. It had its version of Surveillance Station but it was paid software and it’s obsolete now.
I’ll check Shinobi out. Thank you very much.

If someone did not upgrade yet it should be mentioned that there is a native Tapo integration since the 2024.2 core release: Tapo - Home Assistant


I successfully integrated my Tapo P300 now.

Thank you HA and the guys who provided the code! :green_heart:

Somebody has/had the same?