Where is the Core Restart vs Host Reboot now?

With the new Settings, I can’ find where to simply reboot Core vs rebooting the entire host OS. This was a very hadny way to fix a lot of little “issues” much more quickly than rebooting the host machine.

Was this removed, or am I just missing it somewhere in the new settings?

Settings > System > Reboot (top right, menu)

and it automatically triggers a check configuration before it does… That said i prefer to go to dev tools (where the yaml reload moved to) and check configuration myself before hitting restart


Thank you.

But I can’t still find where is the real reboot entire host OS?

Settings > System > Hardware. Then look under the three vertical dot menu in the top right.

Many thanks - I looked there hundred times and did not see 3 dots… :(:frowning:


Yeah, there’s a real discoverability issue there. But I strongly doubt the Hardware page is final in it’s current form…

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Thanks! Managed to find the restart button for core on my own, but just couldn’t find the host reboot button hidden in Hardware.