Where is the entity renaming 0.77.x?

entity_registry has been dumped

The PR states that now everything should be done via the frontend (what will happen if i edit entity registry in .storage by hand?)

Where in the frontend i can find entity renaming?

click on it on the card and then click on the cog top right corner and change entity id and name

which card?

whichever one the card is on that you want to change - that’s the easiest way but I think you can do it from side panel configuration>customization as well

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Have a look here in the docs.

Also, the registry hasn’t been dumped, it’s just been moved to discourage people from trying to merge it with their configuration.yaml (yes, that’s been a thing a few times).

I seem to have the same question/issue. Following the documentation does not reveal the cog icon for me:

My setup does make a heavy use of the customize component, so not sure if that has something to do with it. What I’m trying to accomplish is to change the entity_id, not the friendly_name.

Not all components are supported, they have to provide a unique ID. Components that don’t do that can’t be supported by the entity registry, and so no cog.