Where is the rename button?

Hello, I’m trying to find how to rename a device in the z2mqtt devices section. In the past I had a blue icon in order to rename my device but now I’ve got only those 2 buttons, thanks in advance !

that’s odd. mine is still there. i’m on 1.37
if you click through to the details of the device, there is usually also a rename on the bottom left. do you have that?

Here it is same behavior

After checking logs from zigbee2mqtt I can find this :
[2024-05-04 21:44:12] warning: zh:ezsp: Deprecated driver ‘ezsp’ currently in use, ‘ember’ will become the officially supported EmberZNet driver in next release. If using Zigbee2MQTT see Improved Ember (EZSP) driver (experimental) · Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt · Discussion #21462 · GitHub

Seems like I’ve got to upgrade my sonoff ZigBee 3.0 to firmware 7.4 (currently in 7.3.1)

I am also seeing the rename button, and i am on an old firmware on a sonoff dongle.

Did you upgrade HA and Z2mqtt to the latest?

I’m on the latest version (1.37.0-1) and I do still see the edit name button.

just to add I am on the latest aswell and I have no Edit button either.

Finally found out I managed to upgrade my sonoff firmware to and the rename button reappeared

This is a known bug. Some users are missing the whole button, others just the “rename home assistant” checkbox. You can either update to the dev branch or wait for the next release. Rename entity ID missing in version 1.37.0-1 · Issue #22424 · Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt · GitHub


For me, the rename button is available on desktop but it’s not there when I look at it on mobile. The check box for ‘rename the home assistant entity id’ is just gone altogether

Then you’re most likely looking at a caching issue. Unless you’ve switched to the dev branch and your mobile kept its cache, I wouldn’t touch anything until the fix is released.

Same behavior, waiting for the fix to come

Its merged

And 1.37.1 with that included has been released.