Where is the TMP folder on a pi?


I’m trying to get a camera working. I have an image (yeah!), but I would like to get an screenshot, so I can email it etc.

Now I have found some code which I think should work for me, except first I don’t know if it works since I don’t know where the picture is stored;

“entity_id”: “camera.camera”,
“filename”: “/tmp/snapshot_{{ entity_id.entity_id }}.jpg”

How to access the folder above on a pi?

Hope someone can help me!

you have probably solved it already, but here it goes.

expose the folder (your example uses /tmp) to home-assistant. In the configurations.yaml file:

    - /tmp

restart home-assistant. Now when you trigger your code it will store an image in the tmp folder. Which you can access with ssh (cd /tmp , ls)