Where to buy a longer antenna for the D1 mini pro?

i see this D1 mini pro comes with the external antenna but the cord is too short as seen here. is there anything maybe at least 1ft? what cord should i Google for?

“UFL to RP SMA Female pigtail 30cm”

It’s not clear from your image but Wifi SMA connectors are usually reverse polarity (RP). Check though. Sometimes they are not. Does the SMA connector on your pigtail have a pin in the centre?

If so it is an RP-SMA.

Don’t go much longer than 30cm with thin coaxial cable like shown in your image or the signal loss in the cable will be terrible.

If you need much longer you need to get lower loss coax, like LMR240. In that case just get an SMA (RP) extension lead and use the UFL pigtail that comes with the board to connect to the better coax extension. e.g. https://www.amazon.com/Extension-WIZACE-Low-Loss-Wireless-Security/dp/B09D8F59WN?th=1

Also be very careful with that UFL connector that connects to the D1 mini. They do not like repeated connections and disconnections and should only ever have force applied vertically. Any lateral force can damage them.