Where to create the Docker compose file

I am an absolute beginner. Just installed Home Assistant in Docker. I follow the docs and they advised to create the compose.yml file.
But where on my rpi4 do I have to store it in which folder??

I guess you missed the hint from the forum software not to reply to a solved topic :wink:

Create it wherever you want. I’d suggest something like this, so that you can back up one folder and get all your configurations:

/docker - holds the compose file (and related stuff)
/docker/homeassistant - your HA config folder
/docker/mosquitto - your Mosquitto config folder

And carry on creating folders under /docker for the things you’re installing. Then you can just back up /docker and get it all.

I really do not have a /docker folder onmy root of rpi4. During installation of Docker it has been created? I like to use compose, but I am totally confused how to do it. Docs create compose.yml file and not telling where to store it!

No. You create it.

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Create it

Or create it somewhere else

Where you store it is entirely up to you

The only things that matter are:

  1. You remember where it is (hence my suggestion you create /docker and store it there)
  2. You back it up