Where to find firmware for Sonoff TRVZB or Sonoff ZB-Dongle?


I found this thread on how to do an OTA update of the firmware of a zigbee-device. I was wondering where to get the firmware, for example for a Sonoff TRVZB or the Sonoff ZB-Dongle. I couldn’t find anything on the Sonoff website or in Google search.

I found this thread.

which points to this list:

but it seems that the list is maintained by the owner of the project (where did he get the images?).

Would be great if someone could explain how getting the firmwares is working in general.

The Z2M Github has firmware for TI (CCxxxx chip) coordinators and routers

Submission from users, who’ve found them from reversing software, dumping firmware, watching network traffic, reviewing change logs, or otherwise hunting them down. Some sources are public, some are hidden but accessible, and others are a mystery.

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Thanks for your reply! I was hoping it was more official… like checking for updates of your OS printer-driver or so :blush: