Where to find the YAML for a GUI-configured schedule?

Hi all,

first time posting, so pls forgive me if I did not hit the right spot. So far, I was able to solve everything by reading forum and doc, but for this question I had no success.

I created a schedule via the GUI (settings - device & settings - helpers). I want to modify this schedule, because I need more granularity for the time stamps (quarter hr). Thus, I thought I change the generated YAML. However, I can’t find it.

I even tried grep -r --include "*.yaml" schedule . but it brought up only the automations that use the schedule, but not the schedule itself.

I CAN add a new schedule manually in configuration.yaml. However, I would prefer to see the GUI-generated one as a kind of a blueprint. Besides that, as a developer I am just curios: so far, I find every GUI generated object in YAML, but not the schedule. What am I overlooking?

Any help is deeply appreciated!

The schedule file is only available as .json under /config/.storage/schedule

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Thanks! I overlooked .storage, actually had not expected a part of the config in JSON. Now I see the GUI seems to work with JSON, at least partly. Good to know.

Any luck editing /config/.storage/schedule for finer granularity?