Where to go for the complete newbie

Hi ive ordered an HA amber hub and was wondering if there are any guides for the new user? i understand the hub will come pre-installed so thats a good start, but ive looked in here and reddit but everything seems to be for people fully up to speed with scripting, i can do this sort of stuff if it is explained to me but there doesnt seem to be any begginer stuff around

Part of the reason there seems to be a lot of script in this forum is that it’s the only practical way to explain what you’re doing, particularly if you’re looking for help. It’s perfectly acceptable to use the UI to create automations and scripts though, and many of us do that most of the time. The results may be less elegant, but your home won’t be any less smart for it. Most non-technical people new to HA use the UI then look at the script and learn that way.

A lot depends on the devices you want to integrate, of course. Some are more integrated than others. :roll_eyes:

The docs are pretty comprehensive and nearly always current, though you sometimes have to hunt around a bit. The home page of the docs has an overview and glossary - a useful reference point, but don’t try to read through it all in one go. :yawning_face:

As you’ll see when you get your Amber, key points in the UI often have links to the relevant documentation. This is a relatively new development, but very welcome.

Don’t worry. It’s fun!


Post number 5 from this thread helped me a lot when I was starting off.


checkout Node Red too. It makes hard coding and complex automations worlds simpler than yaml and it has all the power for advanced users too

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thanks to both of you