Where to place a "KNX Cookbook" in the forum?

I started to write a Cookbook for KNX (see here). Paulus suggested (somewhat unfriendly for my taste) to move it to the forums (see pull request discussion). But I am unsure where to place it. Any suggestions?

Hi Jörg,

I asked also for a KNX “Subforum”. Let’s see what happens :slight_smile:

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The categories of this forum are actually pretty coarse. I don’t see dedicated subforums for any integration yet.
So if it should turn out that the cookbooks in general will be removed from the main HA repo than IMHO it would make more sense to first create a cookbook category in the forum to hold all that information.
Beside that I second your approach that subforums for integrations would make a lot of sense.

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I’m now not long on the HA Train but what I realized that through the sheer amount of questions It’s getting messy and your questions get lost. And especially as we KNX Users, maybe it’s because more of a German thing, are “outnumbered” it would be great to help each other.

I like also your cookbook as it helps a lot with my new house.

Giv us more KNX Love Mods :slight_smile:

I now chose to put the KNX Cookbook into the Third party integrations category: