Where to put wake_on_lan starting in 2023.8.0?

Hi all, as you may know the configuration for switches is changing and is moving under the command_line dict. However, I have yet to find a way to format the wake_on_lan stuff according to the new layout. The wake_on_lan documentation still indicates that you should put something like this is your configuration.yaml

  - platform: wake_on_lan
    mac: MAC_ADDRESS

This of course has been working for a very long time but triggers a “problem” in HA as this will be removed in 2023.8

I tried doing this:

    - switch:
        platform: wake_on_lan
        mac: "60:a4:4c:cd:31:60"
        name: "rosanna-desktop"
          service: shell_command.turn_off_rosanna_desktop

But that results in the following error

Invalid config for [command_line]: [platform] is an invalid

I tried moving the config under


In the configuration.yaml which removes the error but also the switches (obviously) no longer function.

I’m not exactly sure what to do to fix this

In the mean time, I have migrated what I can under the command_line section but have left a switch: section just for my wake_on_lan stuff.

What am I missing?

Wake on LAN isn’t moving.

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Thanks for the reply.

I would argue that the “problem” messaging is confusing then. I read it to mean that all switches are moving under the command_line section, which seems not to be the case

In this case, as I understand it and anyone is free to correct me, WoL is its own platform in the switch domain. Only items using the command_line platform are moving.

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