Where to report a "buienradar-sensor" issue?

I’m using buienradar sensor.
This is working fine. Except for the pressure sensor.
This sensor is added in the configuration.yaml.
There is also a sensor in entity sensor.br_pressure.
But there is no value and never available.
In the manuel it says this variable should be avilable.

If you are sure this is not because your chosen location / station name does not report these values:

I’m not sure. I will figure this out before

I noticed the same issue. Tried different stations but it never shows pressure.

I never tested it anymore.
Did you make an error request?

I haven’t yet. Will look around a bit more tomorrow.

I have added buienradar to the configuration.yaml file as stated on the integrations page of Home Assistant.
But I don’t see any entity appearing nor anything on the Overview UI.
What goes wrong?

With this amount of information it is not possible to say anything.

Yzou’re right. Sorry.
I already solved it. I put it in the configuration instead of the sensor.yaml…