Where to run HA: docker, native, arduino

I’ve initially tried HA by using a docker container. I’m finding that the Wife Approval Factor is high enough that I need to “do it right” now.

My perception is that the docker image is kind of limited; it won’t allow me to install hacs, for example.

So, if I were to dedicate some significant time to HA configuration, should I continue with a docker image, an arduino, or a native installation? I do intend to run a security and camera system, so whatever I do will have to be on a USB. So, that is a consideration.

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Your perception is wrong :wink: HACS works on any install method, so does every custom integration, card, etc.

There’s no supported option to run HA on an arduino.

Use either Docker or Home Assistant OS.

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Not true. I have docker installation and hacs. Docker installation is far superior than any other as it gives you full control on you containers aka addons.

whatever I do will have to be on a USB. So, that is a consideration.

Just forget it. If you want to do it proper you will need a desktop comp with a decent gpu, decent cpu and a memery you can get.
Can ha run on usb? Probably yes. Can it run on pi ? Yeah. It can run probably on wooden stick but the question is how will it run.

If you want to make your home smart, use project like this then get your self a decent comp, a lot of sdd and memory because you gonna need it.

You don’t have to tell your wife. Just stuck it somewhere she doesnt go and ssh to it.

The easiest to manage approach is running it on a PI/NUC using Home Assistant Operating System - this is the appliance model and requires less technical skill.

Docker is more complex since you need to run and manage add on like zwave, zigbee, MQTT in their own containers. But it also give you a lot of flexibility (like running a dev stack, checking out new versions, etc.). HACS does work on docker.

So if Linux shell is your friend already go with docker. If not, start with the appliance approach.

Of course it does. Dont spread false information.

How am I spending false information when I stated it does work?

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Yeah sorry, I just read it it doesnt. My mistake.

I’m sorry, my fingers type USB, but I meant to say that I wanted whatever I run HA on to be on an UPS…

It depends. If there is no electricity nothing will work. There are some bios that can turn comp on automatically after electricity is restored. UPS can help you to shut down your comp gracefully.

OK, so hacs does run in a docker container… I did NOT know that and didn’t mean to spread false information.

Does this mean I can also load add-on like vs-code server inside a docker container? If so, then my decision is made: I’ll build a suitable pc and dedicate it to HA and put it on a UPS with the rest of my networking infrastructure.

BTW, I can not believe how responsive this forum has been! Thank you.

Any pointers to installing hacs and other add-ons using docker would be most appreciated.

Thank you again!


OK, so hacs does run in a docker container

No it doesnt. But there is some info on it.
I don’t remember details as I done this some time ago. But you can find a lot of info on online how to do it.

Well, no, but yes.

You can’t run any add-ons.

You will find however that 99.999999% of all add-ons have a matching Docker image. There are many Code Server images, eg LinuxServer does one.