Where to Start

I am very new to HASS, like minutes old (ok a few hours) and what I’ve read I’m very interested and while I don’t have much right now (owntracks on phones) I want to make sure I set things up right the first time.

I have an Ubuntu box that is currently operating as my media server, MythTV, MQTT box. It is also running a Virtual Box which houses my Sonaar install.

What would my best option be? Spin up another Virtual box ? My ram is currently limited to 4 GB. Install HASS on the box proper or go with HASS.io on a Raspberry Pi3?
I need something that will offer the opportunity for Future growth as I slowly add new components to it.


Hassio on an RPi3 is solid. And it’s a popular deployment, so you’ll find that a lot of folks on the forum have the same setup.

There is some benefit to processing power on server or when using high process components like ffmpeg. Other than that pi or Linux server is about sane

If you already have a server up and running, there is no need to run another Pi.

On the server you have three options - a virtual environment directly on the server, a docker container or a VM.

If you were starting from scratch, I would recommend the docker installation (I’m a recent docker convert), but since you already have VirtulaBox set up, I would go with that and use the manual installation in the VM.

Thanks for the info, I think I will spin up a VM and play with Hass from there.
If I move to some newer hardware it’ll be easy to migrate, and I don’t have to buy any new hardware which is always good.

I went for the python virtual env option on my Ubuntu server. I do wonder if I should go for docker instead though?