Where was this sensor created?

After months/years of development it is almost inevitable that you loose track of where you where you created all your sensors, scenes, automations, helpers, etc.
Wouldn’t it be possible that entities have an attribute that gives that indication? It could be e.g. the name of the yaml file. This information is already available to entities created by integrations.

It’s just an idea, but it could be very useful.

You can add any custom attribute you want to an entity.

Hmm the most common way might be:

Settings>Entities and the 3rd column is a pretty good identifier where things do come from. I see Squeezebox, mqtt, Template, person, supervisor, automation, …

I would agree on one thing, since you mentioned the attributes, not that I would opt for redundant information copied to the attributes. It’s the column which wasn’t implemented into the
Developper Tools>States table that simple and yes if being there it would ease the handling since one mustn’t switch between views that often.

Turn your request into something such as "user definable columns in views with tables and I’ll be with you.

I just played around with tom_l suggestion, and no surprise, it works:
Screenshot 2023-01-24 at 18.49.05
But still, it remains a manual process. If you forget to sync the customize section with the creation of the entities, it will soon be a mess.
During startup, HA is creating the entities and it knows where they come from. It would be much better to populate the attribute automatically.

Having the possibility to have user definable columns in the state view where we can decide what we want to see (e.g. the ‘my_source’ attribute) is a plus.