Which 3-way wall switch pair should I get?

I currently have both z-wave plus and zigbee controllers. I’m hoping someone could please recommend a good 3-way wall switch pair to get. I prefer something that doesn’t have any fancy LED’s or extra buttons (but not required)… so, they look just like my other dumb light switches.

The only ones I could find are the GE and Leviton ones below. I would like something that also acts as a z-wave repeater. I’m not even sure if it’s possible only to replace only one of the wall switches with a smart one… or, I need to replace both.




PS: I noticed that some rocker wall switches have a “spongy” feel when switching on and off. I don’t like that kind. I’m looking for something that has a light tactile feel when you switch it ON/OFF just like normal ones that come with relatively new homes