Which 3p DIN Rail Energy Meter to choose

Hi there,

at present i have 2 energy meters and am succesfully reading them via EDL21 integration. One of the meters (dedicated to heating) will fall away with installing my photovoltaic installation. Thus I’m looking for a MODBUS 3-phase DIN rail energy meter to replace the existing EDL21 (for heating).
My HomeAssistant is running on a Raspberry PI. The two EDL21-meters are currently attached via USB to this Pi. Further I have a ventilation system read out via Modbus TCP (UDP?).

I would be glad if someone could give me some recommendations for a 3-phase DIN-rail energy meter most suitable for easy integration in Home Assistant. I think one with Modbus TCP would be best, because no converter / gateway should be necessary? A gauged one is not mandatory but fine (depending on price).

I’m from/in Germany if relevant.

I’m using this and it works flawlessly in HA, but today I would probably go for the new pro model because the form factor of the older model is awkward due to the rounded edges (leaving gaps) and the fact that it is larger than 1 unit.