Which Alexa did request come from?

Is there a way for HA to know which Alexa a request originated from? I’m using the Alexa Media Player to generate responses for certain requests, but I’m having to broadcast those response all through my house. Is there a way to capture the data from the request, and if so, would it contain some sort of source ID of the Echo that sent the request?

Yes, I use this to generate a template sensor, obviously you’ll need to add a list of all your alexa media players

      friendly_name: "Active Alexa"
      - media_player.living_room
      - media_player.bedroom
      - media_player.office
      - media_player.kitchen
      value_template: >
        {{ states.media_player | selectattr('attributes.last_called','eq',True) | map(attribute='entity_id') | first }}

from here:


Thanks! I’ll give this a try.