Which brand solar power invertor is the best choice to buy in combination with Home Assistant (local api)

I’m considering to buy solar panels for my home. (I live in The Netherlands).

What I already have learned with other devices is that you want to have devices that has local api in stead of cloud.

What I understand is that solaredge is a good brand but I saw that it has a cloud api only.

So has anybody some suggestions? Are there invertors that has a local api or do they all have only cloud api?

There is a local solaredge addon as well. I have not tried it yet.

I am very satisfied with solaredge. I still use the cloud version of the integration.

I have seen that local integration but there is a note that with the latest firmware it is not available anymore.

But I found this video: SolarEdge HD-Wave SE3680H and Home Assistant local integration (plus a quick overview) - YouTube

With the modbus and hacs it is possible to have a local connection which is very interesting.

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Goodwe runs local. Only missing function for me is forced battery charge option control from HA. Otherwise perfect.