Which budget humidifiers are supported?

I’m planning to put some humidifiers costing less than 100 € each. Which would be supported in HA and be available still? I can see some Xiaomis are supported but I’m having hard time to map the supported devices to the ones on the market.

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Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier: full specifications, photo | XIAOMI-MI.com

I have been using this one since last weekend. It can be integrated with Home Assistant using Xiaomi MIoT from HACS - github link below. It is identified as jsq5 model. I don’t know where you live, not sure if it is physically available to you. Model number for this type is SCK0A45, at least in Poland.

ha0y/xiaomi_miot_raw: All-in-one & Easy-to-use. Integrate all your Xiaomi Smart Home - with a single integration and NO YAML files - into Home Assistant. (github.com)

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I’ve seen something exactly similar here in Finland but with different model number. Maybe I’ll give it a try. The model number could of course change from region to another and after some small revision update.