Which cleaner robots are compatible?

which cleaner robots are compatible with generic wifi controllers like home assistant / tuya smart life ?
is there any list anywhere ?

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is it possible to “factory” reset a ikohs S15, tuya protocol 3.3 somehow ?
could you extend home assistant to bissell cleaner robots ?

No I have no idea how to reset your vacuum. Try a Google search.

No I’m not a developer. Just a lowly forum moderator. So I can’t add an integration for you either.

You can add a feature request here: Feature Requests - Home Assistant Community

Search the category first and make sure a request does not already exist. If it does just vote for that one.

You should also search for 3rd party integrations that may support your vacuum. You can do this in HACS or just Google search “ikohs S15 home assistant”

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