Which dimmer for LED Strips? (Both white and RGB, maybe ARGB in the future)

Hello everyone,

I’m building my new house, based on HA. Every light will be a LED strip, as i don’t like at all single spots like bulbs.

Every 2 room there will be a wall box with a 24V PSU and 1 or more controller for LED strips (2 or more different strips per room).

In the past I managed to use a lot of Sonoff Relays and Shelly dimmer flashed with ESPhome, but doing everything with shelly or other similar solutions would be SOOO expensive and I’ll have a lot of devices in my house.

Do you have any idea on what can be the bast solution for light controls?

I’m thinking about making controllers from scratch, but I have no idea on ho to o that.

As I have plenty of PoE Ethernet ports, I’m thinking about using 4 ESP32 modules with ethernet and PoE supply to power themselves and dimmer modules, then a separate 24V high-amp PSU for LEDs

Also, I’d need some octocoupler to wire for physical switches, and maybe also add a temp sensor if there are any GPIOs left.