Which door bell+cam with live stream

Looking for upto date recommendation. Not being lazy, because I have looked around for options but :-:

  • Some cameras/bell recommended months+ ago on HA forums, have members coming here to ask for help because the OEM has updated firmware so that you need to use their app or hub. I want direct integration with HA.
  • Do not - absolutely not - want OEMs watching my cam!
  • I note the new Gen2 Ring door bell now needs a sub for live video. It might be relatively cheap but I do not sub to a feature that IP cam should have anyway.
  • Evo and HikVision are pricey - as is Nest Hello WoW! £149 - wtf.
  • Difficult to get a mains power source to the bell. I dont have any bell at the moment, or a mains power supply any where near, including a power socket on any nearby interior wall. So rechargeable battery with the hassle of recharging it but I don’t really mind, just charge at night when no-one is going to knock!

So with the above in mind, anyone got a solution that fits the requirements please?