Which door sensor for a metal door

Hi, my front door is made of metal and the nuki door sensor a well as an aeotec one are having trouble getting the right state due to the magnetic interference. Does anyone have any similar experience and can recommend a product that will work? Zigbee or zwave doesn’t matter

maybe look into a hall sensor.
It is still magnetic, but it should be able to detect properly on a metal door.

One way to solve this is to mount the sensor and magnet on small wooden blocks, so they are not directly on the metal.

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I’ve got some Aqara E1 door/window sensors directly mounted to my metal garage doors and they work flawlessly.

Aluminium or ferrous metal though?

There’s two issues with ferrous metals:

  1. on the stationary side, the metal can short circuit the magnetic flux of the magnet, making it difficult to trigger the sensor.
  2. on the moving side, the metal can be magnetised by moving past the magnet repeatedly , triggering the sensor permanently.

Same sensor here as @Tinkerer, also on steel garage doors and storm door. Working reliably.

I’ve been using the Ecolink DWZWAVE2.5-ECO sensors on all of my metal exterior doors and a freezer door for years with no issues. Long battery life and good range. They also have internal screw terminals so you can run a wire to an external contact switch, which allows you to place them in a weather protected box and just have the contact switch exposed to the elements. I have one under my mailbox 40’ from the house.