Which ethernet to Zigbee device is recommended with Home Assistant?

Hi all

I am planning to run Home Assistant on a virtualized infrastructure and therefor I need something to talk ZigBee (USB is not a good choice in such an environment) - Whuch ethernet-Zigbee devices work best with HA?

Regards, Lars.

What are your concerns using USB on a virtualized infrastructure? Unless you plan to migrate the home assistant instance around alot USB should work perfectly fine. I run my HA as a virtual machine on vmware with a USB zigbee stick, not had any issues (other than having to shut down the vm a few minutes when patching the hypervisor).


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ESXi 7?

Although USB passthrough is possible, it is my experience that it seldom works, and when it does work, it limits the VM

Which USB do you use?

Regards, Lars.

Cool… will look into those…

ESXi, yes.7.0.3 running on a Dell740xd and a old Intel NUC. I use this zzh (CC2652R Stick) - Electrolama. No issues with passthrough what so ever.

Ordered the SMLIGHT SLZB-06… Lets see…