Which google speaker picked up my command

I’m struggeling with voice activation of scenes o scripts.
I have two scenes with the same name: Bright. One is for my livingroom, the other for my bedroom.
Until recently I could say: Hey Google activate Bright. This command activated the assigned scene in the room were I was. If I was in any another room, both were activated as expected.
But in the last couple of weeks something has changed. When I’m in the bedroom the local scene is activated. When I’m in the livingroom, both scenes are activated.
And when I made a couple of test scenes they were always activated together.
It is not that the speakers lost their location, when I say Hey Google Turn on Light, only the lights in the room I am turn on.
So obviously something has changed. Is there a way to get the old behaviour back?
Or even more flexible, is there a way to trigger a script and know which speaker triggered it.