Which hardware for HA, Synology, Qnap NAS or old win PC

I have a few smart devices that connected to Google Home and Xiaomi Home smart gateways. Read through a few articles, looks like HA is the way to go with smart home. I am interest in HA and like to test it out. Currently I have Synology NAS DS420+ as main souce of storage. And Qnap TS431P as backup storage only. Also, I had old Windows 10 Pro PC i7-2600 processor. Just wondering which device to be good to install HA to test. Last night, I tried install VM and HA supervisor on Synology NAS and noticed that memory is not eough to run as DS420+ only have 2Gb memory and only allow 192Mb for VM. HA is installed ok and running. but didn’t get Nic info. So I removed all. And think which hardware is better now. Any help will be much appreciated.

Is supervisor still a thing or do you mean HAOS

I prefer docker and if you plan to have cameras the old windows PC (with linux instead of windows)

You old Windows PC and then

I would go with francisp suggestion as a first step.
The CPU in the PC might be a bit overpowered and there is no mentioning of harddisk and ram, but these can typically be upgraded, which means the machine can later be reinstalled with proxmox or another hypervisor and then run VMs with HAOS in one of them. This setup will allow for more uses of the hardware’s ressources, which could be for a media server, game server or something else, that will not work well installed directly on the HA installation.

I installed container station(Decker) and grab image of HA. Got HA running. Auto-discovery found a few devices. Thanks However, I could not get all hardware going. Still trying