Which hardware to get

I have searched this forum without finding my answer in any other thread thergo I created this.

I am thinking of upgrading from my 433mhz setup with home assistant to Zwave/zigbee/433mhz. Therefore I wonder if there is a good gateway that I can use with HA that supports all three protocols?

Or is Aeotec Z-stick and conbee Zigbee stick the way go? What is the preferred device for 433mhz, today I am using a DIY solution but the range is not very good.

personally I have an RFXTrx433 for 433MHz, am Aeotec Z-stick for Zwave and a CC2531 with zigbee2mqtt for Zigbee.
All works well

Thanks for the reply. I ended up going all Zigbee with a Conbee 2