Which heater thermostats to integrate into HASS?


we’re running a mix of different smart stuff in the house and due to some room changes, renovations and stuff I’m finally getting my ass kicked to get HASS going \o/

For whatever reason I did buy some Eve Thermostats and Window Sensors in the past - while they are okay there bluetooth way of doing things is annoying and unreliable as hell. I assume there’s no real way to get them integrated into HASS in any way, or am I wrong? Luckily I only have 2 of them and one door/window sensor.

So I’m basically looking for a good replacement.

Other stuff I run alrelady:

  • A bunch of hue lights with 2 hubs (hopefully I can reduce that to one with some smarter placement)
  • A bunch of Tradfri lights currently connected to hue, will likely put them on a Tradfri hub later if I can manage to get the whole house covered by it.

We’re in a house that’s not really good to cover with RF signals (loads of steel in every ceiling) so I wanna be careful how much other hubs to add to the system as I may need to have multiple ones for full coverage.

The only thing I found for thermostats really is Z-wave but I’m not sure how the hub situation is with that. I also saw that it’s possible to have Z-Wave USB Sticks on the HASS machine, but that will most likely be a Synology here and it’s location (basement) is really less then ideal for a hub.

Well that’s probably a bit much information now but I guess you got the point.

Thanks for helping in advance!