Which installation should i use

Hallo every one

I have tried to use Home Assistant for some time, but i don’t have all the functions i wish for and i think it is something about my installations…
I have used the Home Assistant OS

What I have:

  • Raspberry Pi 4 model B
  • Razberry

What i want:

  • Use Home Assistant
  • Use Razberry to make my Z-wave automation
  • Use the different integrations such as: Hikvision and Zehnder and as i can see they need different additional libraries to function

What I need:

  • help to choose the right OS
  • help to install/setup Razberry

As you probably have guessed - I am NOT a super user and even not a Linux/unix user, but i know what it is.

Can some one assist me here?

So… you’ve ultimately got two sensible choices here:

  1. Use Home Assistant OS and make use of any add-ons (third party software) for additional services you need
  2. Use Home Assistant Container and learn a little Linux and Docker

Unfortunately you haven’t said what you mean by:

What are those?

This bit I think @Tinkerer

Well, there’s nothing there that means that HAOS isn’t an option :man_shrugging:

What makes you think they won’t work?

Nothing. But that’s the wish list. Just seems to be a case of setting them up?

That’s the case for any integration - if it doesn’t say won’t work with install method X then it should work with all of them.

There’s probably some really old ones that don’t, and a few edge cases where things should work, but there’s a problem with the Python library, but they’re the exception, not the norm.

To use the Zehnder add-on you have to add the pycomfoconnect library to your installation, and i don’t think you can do that in HAOS!?