Which is better for an HP laptop, SSD or HDD?

Product: HP Notebook 15s-Fq1022na

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-Bit)

I want to go for SSD and so selected Kingston 240GB A400 SSD 2.5 Inch 7mm for my laptop from BuyKingston.


What’s your take on this?

Both are Just fine

SDD if Mobile since they withstand drop better than HDD. I would generally be OK with both in desktop only/server use case

HDD are not really recommended anymore.
They are slow, noisy, require lots of power and fragile.

Today the cheap storage solutions are SSD and the future will be M.2
M.2 Sata are already the standard on most modern computers and the next step will be M.2 NVMe

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