Which is the best Weather integration for Australia

What’s the best weather integration people are using?
I’d like weather forecasts (3-6 days if available)

I’d prefer a core one if possible.

This custom component:

I believe the plan is to integrate it into the core components eventually but it does not look like the developer has had time to work on it lately. Still, it works very well, especially when combined with this card:

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Thanks. Yeah I think that one seems the top contender from my research.
I’ve gone a bit off custom components which is why I was hoping for a core one.
Fingers crossed this one becomes core soon.

The core BoM integration was removed because it used web scraping to gather data.

Bram developed the custom integration in response.

Beginner here. Is it possible for me to play alert notification on google home based on certain parameters like at 7AM it will broadcast to my google home speakers if its going to rain (% chance of rain) ?

Sure that is possible with an automation. Please start your own topic about it as it is not within the scope of this year old topic. How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question

Is this integration going to keep working after 14 March 2023? Github says “ This grabs data from an undocumented API that is used to provide data to https://weather.bom.gov.au/“ and that page says “ This page will be retired on 14 March 2023”

Not sure if is just the web page that is going to be retired or the undocumented API too. :grimacing:

Good point :joy:

We’ll find out on the 14th March.

The BoM app uses the same API as the web page, so the integration should continue to work. It’s only the website that is being retired.

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thanks for confirming.